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Fog and Nature

Naturopathy Consultancy

About Anjali

Anjali Pathak is a writer, educator, consultant, naturopath and entrepreneur. She is an avid traveller who has travelled extensively in India, to remote tribal areas and off beat places. She has been practicing and promoting agnihotra since the past decade as it is a simple yet invaluable tool for healing, mental peace, self-discovery and environmental rejuvenation. She has also supported other worthy social initiatives at the grassroots level. Believing in leaving a low carbon footprint she uses public transport wherever possible, says no to plastics, grows her own vegetables, recycles to the best of her ability, goes for long nature walks and practices yoga and meditation.


Anjali trained with the late Dr. Vitthaldas Modi, who founded the nature cure  centre AROGYA MANDIR located in Gorakhpur.  Earth, water, sun, and air are the four elements of nature cure in addition to a balanced, nutritious diet and simple detoxification measures. Nature cure believes that chronic and lifestyle diseases can be treated successfully by undergoing a process of detoxification. “Less is more” if one truly wishes to lead a life in harmony with nature.

Natural Herbs

Naturopathic Consultancy

As a qualified naturopath Anjali is involved in promoting the cultivation and consumption of organic foods in India as well as natural herbal remedies for cancer and other chronic illnesses. Anjali’s emphasis is on educating people on how to improve their health and immunity through a nutritious natural diet, and simple detoxification measures which can be carried out at home.

Although cancer patients consult Anjali about alternative treatments for cancer, Anjali also advises patients of other chronic and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, arthritis, dementia, autism etc. The treatment plan  for each patient is customized as one size cannot fit all.  

As a naturopath Anjali’s focus is on nutrition, diet and detoxification as a pathway to health. However, she also advises patients on herbs and herbal medicine to assist in the recovery process.

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