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Madhav Udyan

Madhav Udyan is synonymous with the healthy and harmonious way of life, Bringing to you 150 years of symbiotic relation between man and nature.  A benchmark in the region, The royal family of Mall has a history of producing Mangoes and has transformed the very meaning of rural trade. We have diversified into various Agri. Based Fields such as, Eco & Agri Tourism, Wine making, Agri. Marketing & Agri. Food Processing.

  Our genesis was on the priniple of blending rural methods with modern techniques & trends. Hence we have taken atmost care that we diversify ourselves in such a way that our existence contributes & promotes a sustainable & healthy living which is in harmony with the natural world. 

In the process we enroll the village community from the neighborhood so that they can be a part of this enchanting journey, thereby enriching and enhancing the services and products that we provide to our consumers in an eco friendly and green manner!