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Living Without Medicine(LWM) is a movement for healthy living. The platform is dedicated to the cause of building healthy communities and is actively working towards it, successfully connecting like minded people. The group also has an FB group by the name ‘living without medicine’ and is open to all. You will gain wealth of information and knowledge here to further your own endeavours towards a healthy living for you and your family. At the same time, the group welcomes knowledge sharing from all members.
LWM has multiple chapters all over the country and members all over the world.
Let’s build it together and grow ! Over the last 4 years Living without Medicine has tried its best to be a #Knowledge4Health platform and #healthylivingcommunities  open to all those who wished to share precious non medicinal knowledge with all of you. 

We struggled a bit with promotional posts sans real intent to share knowledge. In the process, developed two important offerings: #TakingChargeofyourHealth & #AyurvedaforHealthyLiving which are somewhat deep, and long programs. Webinars were also conducted. The first one was coaching oriented, from which was born our #Coach4Health program.

However, we felt that there was huge gap. The need to give knowledge for those health conditions which needed immediate attention and where even consultation became important. Hence the concept of #Masterclasses - a combination of Knowledge for a health condition with consultation. We took feedback from many of you to know what topics you would like us to cover. Good news is we plan to cover at least 20 topics this year, if we get a good response. But more next year. We will get you best experts wherever possible.


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Disorders faced by women of different ages and their causes.

Prevention of disorders - diet , lifestyle & emotional wellbeing.

Treatment with alternative methods Naturopathy | Varmology | Meru Chikitsa | Yoga.

Diet for Specific Disorders , PCOD , Fibroids , Hypothyroidism , Osteoporosis , Menopausal issues , Other metabolic , Autoimmune conditions , Breast & Uterine cancers.

By - Dr. Surya Ramesh

MD , Naturopathy

By - Dr. Rajan Mahendra

Functional Nutritonist

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Difference between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis.

Why is Oil Massage not recommended in RA ?

What foods should you avoid ?

Is Fasting good for you ?

Managing and Reversing RA through Ayurveda .

By - Dr. Dhanwantri Jha
MD , Ayurveda

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How to know if you have Migraine or some other kind of Headache ?

Learn how Vatta , Kapha , Pitta Headaches are different and recognise your type ?

Learn to managr your Headache by modification in Diet and Lifestyle.

By - Dr . Dhanwantri Jha
MD , Ayurveda


#Raj Vihar -

Mental problems are the reason for every disease that comes in human life
Preparation of medicine for many types of mental problems is going on
Traditional Ayurvedic medicine is prepared for many problems like depression, anxiety, fear, distrust, discouragement, forgetfulness, memory power, sleep disturbance, absence of appetite, anger, sexual interest, mistrust, awareness problem

#chittashuddhinirodha -

Yog shows the way  to eliminate the impurity but not the mind or memory. Purpose is to redirect or rechannelise to our Real Self. 

#Deepti from Germany

I had issues like hyper acidity, bronchitis, indigestion, hypo thyroid for several years. I joined TCOYH to overcome these problems. Here I learnt, deficiencies and improper food are the cause of these issues.What more to expect from TCOYH, where you are taught or prepared to live a healthy life where ever you travel across the globe. I am very much thankful to Rajan sir, Gauri mam and every one who helped me understand the ways to stay fit and healthy. Happiness in true sense is to be healthy by mind and body.

#Raj Vihar
Ayurvedic psoriasis treatments
The following Ayurvedic herbal remedies may also be used to treat psoriasis: black nightshade juice to reduce inflammation garlic and onions to purify the blood jasmine flower paste to relieve itching and reduce inflammation guggul to reduce inflammation neem to boost the immune system and purify the blood
turmeric to reduce inflammation, redness, and swelling boswellia (Indian frankincense) to reduce inflammation and support the immune system

#Preety - 

After running for medicines for everything and not having knowledge & clarity on home remedies ; last year was a year of big realization . What comes first is health and understanding it better and taking care of it .  All this would not have been possible without Gauriji bringing it all together on this platform along with Anju ji , Shalini ji and Vidya ji . Special thanks to Vidya ji who helped clear my doubts and apprehensions and finally I could join it this time . Thanks for this experience and hoping to a more healthier journey for myself and as much as I can help others on what I learn from this .

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