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Meraki Soapy Tales

Meraki Soapy Tales

About us

Being Pranic Healers, we always recommended our patients to take salt water baths to cleanse their aura and to relax the body and mind. But nowadays people have such busy lifestyles that they seldom get time to do the salt water bath routine. Keeping this in mind, we came up with an idea to make a soap that will do the trick for us! So we made our ‘ Mocha So’ soap bar that contained pink himalayan salt and coffee! Both these ingredients together help in cleansing the aura and making the person more happy and alive! It fills there aura with vibrant positive energy! And then one thing led to another, and we created a beautiful range of aura cleansers as well as body cleansers! We kept on curating new and natural skincare products that were loved by all!! We named our brand MERAKI SOAPY TALES ( @merakisoapytales) ... ‘Meraki’ means to put your soul, creativity and passion in your work, and we did just that! We want everyone to write there own SOAPY TALE, and so we gave our customers the chance to make their own soaps and products that suits there skin type and mood! We didn’t just stop at soaps then, we created more, we curated SUGAR SCRUBS, BATH SALTS, UBTAN, FACE OILS, LIP GELLIES, FACE AND BODY CREAMS and LOTION BARS. The amount of love we get from our customers is all the motivation we need to get up and create more natural and amazing products for them! We aim at not only cleaning the skin and aura but also making the skin happy! Keeping it hydrated and soft!

We are a team of three, Me and my two daughters. We personally curate every product at home with loads of love and positivity! All the products are made with natural and locally grown ingredients! We pride in using such ingredients that we find in our gardens and kitchens and turn them into bathing and beauty essentials for our customers to give them a touch of nature and freshness everyday!!

We want every person to create their own SOAPY TALE and so we provide them with the opportunity to create each product according to their liking and skin concern and also to curate a HAMPER GIFT BOX for them or their loved ones that contains everything one needs for an amazing, happy and healthy skin!


What we do 

Handmade Soap

Bath Salts

Sugar scrubs

What’s better than handmade soap that is made with love and free of harmful chemicals!? Soaps that hydrate your skin, keep it clean of all the impurities and grit and leave a lingering sense of relaxation and relief after each bath!!

BATH SALTS! These fragrant and extravagant salt gives you the experience and relaxation of a spa at home!! Salts contain magnesium and potassium that help to relax your muscles, reduce pains, and is great for people who have low level of magnesium as it gets absorbed in your skin to increase magnesium levels in a natural way!! Made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients for added goodness and richness!!

Sugar scrubs!! Sweet just like it’s name!! Made with organic sugar, essential oils real fruits extracts & luxurious cold pressed oils, these exfoliate your skin gently, hydrate, smoothen, removes dead skin cells, impurities, and given you soft, supple and healthy skin!!

Lavender skincare range

The exotic saffron and sandal skincare range

Lavender skincare range! Our exquisite skincare range that is handmade, natural, and made with lots of love! Lavender is a miraculous flower that helps to calm your skin, body and mind. It relaxes you from deep within. It is one of the most soothing, calming and peaceful product one can coe across.

The exotic saffron and sandal skincare range!! Saffron and sandalwood are one of the most expensive in the whole world!! These rich ingredients have innumerable medicinal benefits for our skin and body! They help to heal the skin, protect it from harmful bacteria, replenish damaged skin, cures skin infections and what not!! This skincare is not only luxurious but magical !!

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