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Gardens n Beyond

Gardens n Beyond

About us

Iram I Shervani is a freelance contemporary artist whose aim is to reach diverse audiences through her work. She has been greatly influenced by various art movements and the connection of arts and urban spaces. Her tremendous love for painting drew her towards garden decor. Continuously trying to reach diverse audiences through her work, Iram's Garden Art exhibitions have received a tremendous response over the years. She brings art to those that do not believe they need to see it and forces one to engage in deeper ways of knowing, learning, and thinking.

Her methodical work is an extension of her experiences growing up in Allahabad, where she graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration. Each piece that she creates is thoughtful, character-driven, and designed to fit in seamlessly with innovative decor. Instead of aiming for perfection, Iram wants you to see the personality and one-of-a-kind details of each made-to-order piece.

It is with this driving philosophy in mind that Iram started creating new and intricate designs for bird houses, rock art, ornamental flowers and hand painted pots which finally gave way to her company Gardens n Beyond. Started two years ago, Gardens n Beyond experimentation with shape, function and texture is unprecedented. Their products are functional and creatively designed, inspired by nature and architecture.


What we do 


Rock Art

Remote Holders

These bird houses are made of weather resistant wood. They are hand painted. They come in different sizes to house different sizes of birds. They can be hung from trees or roofs or even put on walls of balconies.

These can be used in a variety of ways as decorative items in your gardens and balconies. In your potted plants to add character or indoors as paper weights.

These holders can serve multiple purpose. They can be used to organise your room remotes, stationery, make up brushes etc.They are hand crafted and made of wood.


Ornamental Flowers

Set of 4 coasters. Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.They are decoupaged and hand painted.

These flowers are hand painted and available in a variety of bright colours and patterns. Use them to add a pop of colour to your garden greens and your indoor potted plants.They are made of metal and are weather proof.

Our Gallery

Our Team

Iram I Shervani is a freelance artist whose aim is to reach diverse audiences through her work

Iram I Shervani


Tahir Hasan


Rajesh Kumar Singh

Rajesh Kumar Singh


Our Journey

The idea of our business was first thought of in January 2018 and was initially launched with the name Busy Bees. Our first exhibition was held on 10th February in Gurgaon. Our first solo exhibition was held on 8th July 2018. This was held in our hometown Allahabad and was a huge success.
After that our company’s founder was blessed with a child in August due to which we took a sabbatical of 4 months. Our company’s name was changed to Gardens n Beyond in the November of 2019. We have held 7 exhibitions till now.
During the pandemic we launched our online portal too in August 2020.

What do our customers say

Why our customers choose us?

They have an impressive collection of bird houses. Gardens and beyond has done an incredible job at making these houses durable. Two of their bird houses have been sitting in my garden and making it beautiful for months now. Thank you

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Adity Chakravarti, Blogger & Influencer

Watch us live in action

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