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About us

BAMBOO DECOR mission is MEERUT, India based startup by Mr. ARYAN BHALLA and Mr. SHUBHAM KUMAR. Primary aim to change bamboo perception from The Poor Man’s Timber to Wise Man’s timber by providing products like Bamboo Essentials and Bamboo Decoratives .

All of our Bamboo Products are biodegradable, sustainable, earth-friendly and recyclable.

Single use plastic is one of the world’s worst contributors to waste. We care for the planet and know that you do too.

We believe that our organic and biodegradable bamboo products can directly reduce the amount of plastic ending up in an ocean, river, and land filled that kills our planet.


What we do 

Why Bamboo is Eco-Friendly?

Client Satisfaction

Our Mission

Bamboo industry is an industry related to our Indian heritage cultural. In the ancient times, the business of our handicrafts and handloom industry was spread all over the world, but slowly, in the glow of modernity, all the industries that were part of our personal life ended and the mechanization work was filled up on handicrafts.

We achieve customer satisfaction through our ethical business principles. All these products are made by skilled workers in line with industry norms and standards. The complete range is available at affordable prices and on due time period. Also, we work in close coordination with the patrons to cater their exact demands. All these factors have helped us to win the trust of the patrons across the domestic market.

When you purchase and enjoy the Bamboo Decor products, you become an integral part of an innovative program of social change. Successfully running their own businesses gives the artisans in rural India the opportunity to forge a new, better future for themselves, their families and even their communities. We are proud to offer you a collection of unique yet versatile, beautiful, traditional & innovative handcraft products.


Who are we?

With very little attention, a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, and that building could stand strong for a lifetime.

The primary objective for the existence of a “Bamboo Decor” is to solve a big problem by adding up value to the existing bamboo product development process to meet the following conditions:
1. Utilize technology for bamboo processing and product development.
2. Something innovative products.

Passionate with the environment and dedicated to deliver the best possible products and services to our clients worldwide. As the ancient Asian saying goes: “A man is born in a bamboo cradle and goes away in a bamboo coffin. Everything in between is possible with bamboo!” They are more and more in demand all over the world, because they have the texture of marble and the elegance of wood; in addition, they are strong, durable, smooth, clean, non-sliding and resistant to humidity.

We want to make online shopping for sustainable bamboo products easy. Don’t waste time browsing through the web. Find your bamboo products here and start your sustainable living revolution now!

Our Gallery

Our Team

When you purchase and enjoy the Bamboo Decor products, you become an integral part of an innovative program of social change

Aryan Bhalla


Shubham Kumar


Hardik Gupta

Hardik Gupta

Business Analyst

Our Journey

BAMBOO DECOR , is a social impact venture “connecting art and the artisan” to produce, promote & sell commercially viable sustainable and organic consumer products & services.

Our mission is to popularize & create demand for traditional products in domestic & international markets. It’s an idea born out of the need to explore, innovate, design, produce & market the untapped potential of the Indian handicraft industry. We aim to become the largest aggregator of sustainable crafts and décor products with innovative design and style.

Through BAMBOO DECOR, we plan to build a creative ecosystem with Artists, Designers and Artisans to collaborate to create innovative sustainable products for living.

What do our customers say

Why our customers choose us?

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