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I can’t sleep. After a long day of work, I sit in the dark, wishing I could drop off into the silence of my dreams. What would happen if I could do that? No, not have my dreams… but at least be able to close my eyes and wake up. After all, how many times have I wished for this? I was ready to give up on the idea, but in the darkness I suddenly hear the sound of the ceiling fan spinning slowly. It fills the room with a gentle breeze. I lean back on the pillow, listening to it, feeling the soothing caress of the fan’s breeze. I close my eyes and try to drift away, but then I hear that familiar voice, and I open my eyes. “Honey, are you asleep?” She asks with a smile. She is my wife, and I am sure that all is well with the world. In this happy moment, I would happily give up everything to sleep like this forever. * * * * I was 23 and working in a call center in Mumbai, India, when I met my future wife in a bookstore. I was there buying gifts for my family, trying to surprise them with one that they would like. I had a list of things my wife wanted and I had put the items in my wallet. But I had not checked the list. In the bookstore, I saw a beautiful girl looking at a book. I thought that she was as beautiful as the book, because she was as pretty as a book. I walked over to her and showed her the cover of my wallet. “Hey, do you want a present?” “No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” “So I’m buying this, what do you think?” “It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I thought I had failed the test when she said thank you. So I asked her, “So why don’t you buy a present?” “It’s not my birthday,” she said. “No, but that’s no reason not to buy a present for someone.” “You really don’t know.” I then saw her cards and I asked, “What is your name?”




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