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The Raspberry Sun Protection SPF 30 Cream from Greenspa offers effective protection from radiation. Walnut shell powder infusion helps restricting skin breakouts and therefore helps in UV protection. The combination of almond oil and olive oil ensures proper nourishment to the skin and thus strengthening the new cell generation for a healthier skin. The two oils heal dry skin and contribute in controlling tanning of the skin also. The oxides of Titanium and Zinc in the formulation form a protective layer over the skin and restrict the exposure of radiation to it. Carrot seed essential oil rejuvenates the texture of the skin and restricts environmental stressors. Essential fatty acids rich raspberry essential oil is beneficial for sensitive skin and helps in skin regeneration. It fights dryness and helps controlling blemishes and atmosphere-induced breakouts. It is a nice formulation that forms an effective cover to give protection to the sensitive skin from UV radiation and exposure.Key Ingredients : Walnut Shell Infusion, Almond Oil