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A cooling facial mist might be the one thing you need for a soothing break from the summer heat. It not only refreshes but also imparts richness and glow to your face. It provides various other benefits to your skin.

Cucumber is one of the most refreshing, cooling and nutrient-rich vegetables out there.
Additional Information: Pratha Naturals believes in the powerful combination of Natural exotic pant based, time tested Ayurveda recipe and Professional expertise from all four fields – Dermatologist, Chemist, Ayurveda Beauty Practitioner.

We maintain the highest standards of quality in terms of performance, comfort and safety with all our products.

This is Certified FDA, Certified Organic , Certified Green Label,  Certified BIS.

HOW TO USE : Free from – chemical, paraben, surfactant, PEG, Palm oil, GMO, preservative, synthetic fragrance, syntactic color. Not tested on animal.    Uses-
Use it as a facial cleanser or toner.
 Reduce under-eye puffiness
 Natural make up remover
Use for hydrating the skin
Can be added to any face pack  

BENEFITS :  It helps to keep your skin at the right pH
After cleansing, your skin will have moved from its optimum slightly-acid state to the alkaline end of the pH spectrum.
It helps to prevent acne breakouts
It helps to prevent wrinkles
It helps to overcome sun damage
It helps to reduce dark eye circles
It helps to reduce pore size  

INGREDIENTS : 100% pure steam distilled cucumber water, Cucumber extract.

Pratha - Facial Tonic Mist Pure Cucumber water ( pack of 2 - 100 ml each )

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