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EcoSattva 3R Natural Face Wash is a product made of super quality soapnut, Shikakai extract and neem principles. It is mild, low foam formulation helps in preventing common skin problems. Natural Face Wash is free from chemical surfactants, parabens and petrochemicals. Aqueous solution of active botanical surfactants, Aqua, Active principle of Neem, Natural thickening agents, food grade preservatives and fragrance. Q factor :- 1. Well Suits to modern and green lifestyle 2. Chemical free cleaning products, made of Natural Ingredients 3. Easy to use, Low lather formulation 4. Completely biodegradable 5. removes dirt, grime, oil residues, effectively and consumes less water for rinsing 6. Safe on skin, kind to subsoil and aquatic life 7. Value addition to natural resources and benefit to farming community. Benefits :- 1. Chemical free products 2. Natural Cleaners made of botanical ingredients 3. Safe to user, Ecofriendly, and natural origin 4. Appliance friendly, Suits to modern lifestyle 5. Biodegradable, Safe and kind to Subsoil and Environment. Shelf life :- 18 Months from date of Manufacturing. Apply a small amount of EcoSattva 3RTM Face Wash on wet palm, rub it till mild lather, apply it on wet face, gently massage and rinse thoroughly. Store in cool and dry place. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Brics Bio Natural Face Wash (1 ltr)

SKU: 101100172006100