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The word "Shivaling" represents the unification of terrestrial and cosmic energy. Shiva is an omnipresent force of nature that can be seen in all the spheres of the universe. The linga is a symbol of the productive energies of nature merging into one, thereby growing into infinity.


Our Shivalinga, made of cow dung reflects the Nirmanee motto of ‘From soil to soul’, where the ingredient of the product , as an ally of the soil takes the shape of the Shivalinga and gets us closer to the infinite energy of the soul.


In addition to this, the ten petalled lotus-shaped Diya made of Copper (Tamba) and Brass (Pital) is here to create a complete cycle of divine energy with an earthy and metallic glow!


1 Gomay Shivaling

1 Diya made of Pital (Brass) and Tamba (Copper)

Directions to use

Place the ‘Jalhari’ – the extended part of the Shivaling towards the North

For long term usage of Shivaling, perform pooja with dry articles like flowers or vibhuti.

Maha Shivratri Special

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