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It’s time to relax and bring to your skin the nourishment it needs. Our Lavender Body Lotion is the solution for your daily needs. The scent of lavender, will bring your body the relaxation it needs and will get you a good night's sleep. It will soothe your skin and the antifungal properties of Lavender will reduce inflammation and irritated skin. With the presence of Olive Oil, this product aims to moisturize dry skin by increasing the water content of our skin, and its antioxidant properties protect it against early signs of sun damage. Our naturally sourced and handcrafted formula will also help in cell migration and collagen deposition. Also enriched with Almond Oil, our product gets soaked deep into our skin making it an unparalleled choice for hydrating your skin. The mixture of these oils will give a dewy sheen to your skin. Our revolutionary formula will leave your skin feeling light, non-greasy, and deeply hydrated. 

Additionally Formulated with:

-Aloe Gel - The Presence of Aloe Gel will help soothe your skin with its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Visibly lightens the blemishes and boosts the healing of wounds. Aloe Gel deeply nourishes your skin and is non-intrusive.

-Glycerine - Allows your skin to retain its moisture and relieve skin of dryness. It helps in softening the skin

Lavender Body Lotion (200ml)

SKU: 101100118010400