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Bees are the best friend of humans in each others survival. Bees help in pollination and reducing the requirement of pesticides and insecticides. It is true friend of farmers. However in cities they put bee hives at buildings, trees, tanks, residential colonies. This creates untoward situation where unintendedly limits are crossed and attack by bees take place. People in general are very scared of bees and don’t know what to do except calling bee catchers or pesticides/insecticides person. In both ways harm is made to the hive and majority of cases bees suffer by being killed and dislocated, eggs, larva, pupa get damaged.

We offer professional services where our intention is to protect bees and humans. We relocate bees to safer place without hurting them and bees regroup themselves. Our trained persons are engaged to carry out the work.

We charge professional fee of Rs 2000 per location


1) The honey collected will be retained by our persons

2) Access to be provided by service taker

Bee Farms Products Safe Removal And Relocation Of Bee Hive

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