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Rural Beat Enterprises on Rural Development

Rural Beat Enterprises is an initiative of Kshitij Education & Rural Development to encourage women from the marginal farming community of Sultanpur, to use food processing and packaging as a means to generate employment opportunities & earn a sustainable income.

The Kshitij journey in Sultanpur started ten years ago, when I decided to return to my husband’s ancestral village and set up base here. Having lived in small, far out places all my life it wasn’t difficult to adapt to the village lifestyle & culture. As I interacted with the local people I realized the adverse situations they were living in. Gradually with support from the village people I had formed a team of 10 village ladies and we had already set up a Sanitary napkin Unit here to provide suitable Menstrual Health Management solutions to the Rural Women. We now decided to find solutions for Marginalized farmers as well & generate livelihood opportunities for women of Self Help Groups, as they were already connected with us through the MHM program. To provide a platform for these activities Rural Beat Enterprises became the umbrella initiative of Kshitij Education & Rural Development.

At Rural Beat we process and package products that are locally grown & procure the produce directly from the farmer & the local village markets where farmers from the interior rural areas come to sell their produce.

We follow modern as well as traditional, natural & conventional methods for farming & processing so as to retain the nutritional value of each product. Our products are 100% pure, natural, healthy & nutritious. No colors or preservatives are used.

All our products are freshly processed & packaged as per the demand of our customers. All our masalas & oils are processed at our centre in our own chakki & oil machines.

Our Rural Beat basket is a collection of cold pressed Mustard Oil & Sesame Oil, Spices, Pulses, seasonal pickles, Gur, Sugarcane Vinegar etc. It brings the ‘purity’ of our villages to the Urban Population, while ensuring benefits to the ‘Kisan’ who grows it & the ‘Mahila’ who processes it.

Our aim is to bring pure & fresh locally processed & packaged products to the consumers at their doorstep.

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