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Hakum - The Beauty Of Bastar

Launching Hakum 4:

World Environment Day encourages awareness and action for the protection of the environment. On World Environment Day, Shiksharth released the fourth issue of Hakum. The issue celebrates the beauty of Bastar, its people and the nature they are preserving. Tell us what you think!

If you are planning a trip in monsoons, Bastar is the place to be. With the onset of monsoon, Bastar is going to be at its best and we invite you to join in the experience. Lots of tourist options available. We would love to host you. :)

"Hakum", Bastar's FIRST digital magazine that will bring the voices of Bastar to you every two months. The content of the magazine is contributed to by the children and youth locally and Shiksharth team designs the magazine.

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