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Going Back to the Roots

“We are starlight, we are golden.

We are billion-year-old carbon,

And we got to get our self,

Back to the garden.”


This quote is perfectly suited with the “Back to Roots” series of Divine Herbals Life. The initiative is aimed at promoting and supporting a healthy, natural/organic lifestyle and bringing in ancient old tested and applied medicinal herbs and blends back in use. At Divine Herbals Life we bring you the perfect amalgamation of ages-old methods and chemical-free green grocery.

Bringing to you the intertwined goodness of Ayurveda and health to redefine your approach to build up and invigorate your body. Divine Herbals Life is a contrivance of Mrs Rekha Singh and her spouse as an avocation which with the course of time has matured to an established brand to redefine her sentiment towards herbal and verdant farmstead and ayurvedic products. Mrs Rekha Singh has done her specialization in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants from CSIR- Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (CIMAP). Their vocation is to create a base for Ayurveda in domiciliary without exception.

They are dynamically engaged to constitute a one-stop platform for all naturopaths, health coaches and ayurvedic enthusiasts. Along with a vigorous and healthy way of living Divine Herbals Life aims to inculcate the wisdom and assistance of Ayurveda in their clientele. The blends are thoroughly scrutinized and consulted to not only gratify the taste bud but to also administer optimum outcome. In their blends regional medicinal herbs are added, provides them with a unique and specific flavour. Their main focus is on high-quality, diversity of products. They have varieties of Prash with specially added ingredient, multivitamins and multi-minerals capsules, different Ark, organic juices, herbal sanitizers and many more. We live in a time where preference in food is mostly junk; we need to detox our body time and again for better functioning. The products of Divine Herbals Life comes to our save with organic and authentic supplements. These supplements can completely transform your personality as their antiseptic, anti-bacterial, purification abilities improve immunity and flush out nasty bacteria. One can feel the changes from within. Organic and preservatives free added nutrients are exclusive for better health.

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