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The Story behind Tara Sitara

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Tara Sitara is all about bringing the magnificence of imagination and dedication intertwined with the passionate handcrafting and world a little closer together. We confess the best stories through designs and craftsmanship that has the flavor of Indian handicrafts.

Bringing to you the quirky yet classy amalgamation of colors and artwork, that will bring you sunshine. Tara Sitara brand is a brainchild of two NIFT sisters and their house maker mother with a creative bug. Through this brand, a 50-year-old mother is now pursuing the dream of being a creative entrepreneur. Her designs revolve around colors and yarn manipulation, the essence of which is reflected in each of the products. It is a one-stop-shop for a fashionable lifestyle with handcrafted products. The mother is working to create a platform that narrates the stories of being bold and timeless through its products. Every day, visit us to discover a new story. We don't like to call them sales. We are storytellers; about amazing products, and the people behind them.

Tara Sitara focuses on products with unique, high-quality craftsmanship; quirky, diverse, and regional designs that feel at home anywhere in the world. Our products include home decor, accessories, jewelry, juttis, and much more to be added to the collection. Everyone loves to travel and explore. Traveling enriches the imaginative ability. We add different designs and essence to diverse places in our products. Vivid and vibrant colors and classy embroidery is our thing.

Have you ever wondered that we live in an era where a copy of everything is available easily but we still crave uniqueness? Why do our faces light up instantly when we get some special things or something authentic? It’s our heart! That fills up with joy. Now imagine if we tell you that we can make you shine in a bunch. We can make you stand out. Wouldn’t that make you feel delighted? That’s exactly what Tara Sitara is all about. We have the vision of “bringing the Good Vibes” in your place with our exclusively handcrafted Colorful 'torans', making your feet dance in happiness with our 'juttis' handcrafted with love, bringing confidence and elegance in your personality with our designer 'Rings' and Standing out with our statement Earrings. Isn't that amazing!?

Handmade jewelry is an ancient tale started by the early craftsmen; modern-day designers have added a personal and Bohemian touch to it. Now, We are going to share some of the pros of handcrafted jewelry. How it is better than regular jewelry. For special occasions such as engagement, marriage, or any function Handmade jewelry though is not preferred by many for such occasions, but those who prefer it know that it follows your style statement. It expresses your personality to the universe that mingles intelligently in your existence. Handmade jewelry is an excellent option for individuals looking for a state-of-the-art item that is exclusive and can become your statement piece.

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