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BEAT THE HEAT - 10 ways to stay refreshed!

The sun shines, the warm winds bite, the watermelons ripe, the heat burns but, the tan is worth the flaunt. The temperatures have risen as high as 45 degree Celsius and are expected to reach a peak of 55 degree Celsius. Mind wrenching, isn’t it? Where our normal body temperature ranges between 36.1 to 37.2 degree Celsius, imagine how hard our bodies must work to balance it’s thermal condition. At times the body might get exhausted and require some assistance. With the summer sun getting brighter and hotter every day, we must try to keep our bodies cool and protect our skin and health in general from the harsh, hostile heat.

Here are ten simple ways to stay refreshed and recharged with the rising temperature.

Water is the key ingredient for cooling down literally anything. Having high specific heat, water absorbs the heat from hot objects rapidly and helps in cooling the object. Staying hydrated is of importance to maintain the thermostat of the body.

What if water is just not enough? When water fails to refresh the body add some lemon, some salt, some pepper, some other spices as you please, energise yourself and give those taste buds a flavourful break. This facilitates the replacement of electrolytes lost in sweat.

Coconut water is a source of power and nutrition in the burning heat of the summer. All that sweat must be replaced by some drink or the other to maintain the salt-water balance in the body. Water is but the saviour of our bodies from the heat. Just like water keeps car radiators cool, it also keeps our bodies from being charred.

When it comes to food, there is a lot that we crave for, like pakodas in the rain, ladoos in winters, and fruits, juicy cold fruits in the summers. The heat brings with it the king of all fruits, mango, the adorable red and juicy, watermelon, the sweet yet basic, melon. Isn’t it worthy of note how with the seasons, the produce in the farms also changes? The hot weather features all the extraordinarily juicy fruits, meant to format our bodies in such a way so as to combat it. These fruits in themselves are not only toothsome and palatable but enriched with beneficial properties. Along with keeping our bodies active and our minds fresh, these fruits make our skin glow.

Eating light meals is another way of reducing body heat. The meals must not only be light but also right. A balanced diet is one which offers all the essential nutrients proportionately. it ensures a healthy and relaxed life. A light meal is one which does not cause the body to generate too much heat and increase internal body temperature.

Constant exposure to the sun on going outdoors can end up burning the skin, leading to pigmentation, rashes and other abnormalities. Using a suitable sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful effects of the heat and the UV rays. It is essential to find the sunscreen that suits your skin type, else using it will not produce any benefits, instead it might lead to dryness, itching and other ill effects.

Dressing according to the season can be a major dynamic in balancing the effects of the aggressive heat. Science has proven once and again that light coloured clothes have a way more pleasing effect than dark ones in the summer heat. The reason behind this is that lighter colours reflect heat whereas darker ones absorb it, and in doing so elevate the temperature. Wearing loose clothes permits the body cool down and rejuvenates the senses.

Summers can be quite fatiguing and may result in draining the body’s energy. An easy way to overcome this is to take occasional breaks. Allow yourself to take a few deep breaths every hour or so. Take a water break, a quick walk, a few seconds to put your head down and not think at all. Leave your brain at ease. Believe it or not, but this practice alone is responsible for increasing productivity and for revitalizing the body.

Swimming and cold water baths enliven the body and mind during the hot summers. Swimming is the most enjoyed sport in the warm weather. Not only is it relaxing but also, helps in burning calories. It is a fun way to hang out on a hot summer day with friends and family.

When outdoors, soaking in the sunshine, seek shade to prevent yourself from boiling up. Using hats, caps and sunglasses can also be helpful. Walking under trees instead of directly under the sun is a smart way to escape unwanted rays and heat.

Why, indeed there are a large number of ways to beat the heat, to cool down, to cherish and praise the beauty of summers without having to compromise the powers of your body, mind and soul. How do you beat the heat? Mention in the comments below.

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Such a useful tips for preventing from tan summer.


bisma butool
bisma butool
May 09, 2022

Amazing tips!!


Great tips to stay cool this summer!

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