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Corbett Machaan Resort

A home away from home, Into the Wild  – An Authentic Wildlife Resort

Come and experience wildlife and nature in true sense at Corbett Machaan Resort. At Corbett Machaan, we offer an authentic jungle experience with luxury accommodation, mouth watering cuisines & plenty of recreational facilities for the tourist to enjoy the true wildlife spirit & flavor of wild side of Corbett. Corbett Machaan Resort is full of natural vegetation which is also home to more than 50 species of birds and provides a true jungle experience to its guests and one gets the opportunity to see the wildlife from resort itself.

At Corbett Machaan Resort modern luxury, comfort, convenience & leisure are vividly evident throughout our AC luxury huts & AC luxury Villa which add to the magnificence of the natural environment. All of our huts & Villa have attached baths & provide all basic amenities such as running hot & cold water, electricity, comfort & cleanness.

We take pride in the fact that Machaan is one of the few remaining resorts in corbett who represent wild side of jim Corbett national park. We welcome all of you at Corbett Machaan Resort to feel the heart and soul of corbett national park.

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Luxury Cottage

Cottages at Corbett Machaan Resort are designed to provide rustic feel, blending with surroundings without compromising on luxuries you need for a comfortable stay

Luxury Villa

Spacious rooms, private balconies overlooking hills & greens and your privacy well taken care of, Villas at Corbett Machaan Resort are ideal stay for you and your family

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