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Aanant Aquaponics

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Aanant Aquaponics

About us

Aanant Aquaponics is the result of 5 years of learning, experimentation and hands on innovation in aquaponics and permaculture by Peter S Singh and his wife Neeno Kaur, who work together and share a  passion for a sustainable home and  a  healthy lifestyle by growing their own nutritious organic food. 

Peter S Singh is 75 years old, he grew up on a farm in the Punjab, and is a beekeeper and mathematician.  His wife Neeno has worked with him on their projects of sustainable agriculture over the years. 

They worked on their farm in Punjab and developed  a bio diversified farm having orchards of different fruit trees, timber, beekeeping, dairy farming and intercropping with crops yielding yielding  honey and seeds for the national seed corporation.

Peter Singh

Peter Singh

What we do

We teach you how to grow your own food using Aquaponics , Permaculture, Organic Farming. You can grow food for your family and also generate an income by sale to your neighbourhood. Our Courses on Aquaponics and Permaculture are in two parts and  are interdependent on each other 


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Innovation, Service, Certification, Production, Development are the most exclusive words

Quality and environmental focus

Recent Projects


Innovation, Service, Certification, Production, Development are the most exclusive words nowadays and combining all of them with the years of experience of serving and building, we Solustrid stands. Our one and only goal is to support the world economy by providing the best of services to you because we believe “The World Is You”.


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An insightful 10 Days into the world of Aquaponics. It’s empowering to learn how much one can do with so little natural resources. The Ananth Aquaponics team of Peter and Nino have opened a whole new world in organic farming in the hills of Kumaon for me. Can’t wait to see it happen with my own eyes and serve some organic, farm fresh vegetables to my guests at Abbotsford and Cafe Chica in Nainital! And of course the prospect of fish farming alongside! Some amazing trout if you please! Soon soon!

Jahnavi Prasada

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