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Farm Stay @ Agronest Farm

Experience Farming & Village life & Cultural Behaviour

Agronest Farm is a Charming Farm stay in Wayanad. Our Green Sheltering Farm Concept invite you to discover the joy of being together in the soothing lap of Mother Nature in Wayanad.A unique holiday experience comes alive at this charming Ethnic Farm. Set in the View of Paddy Fields and Whispering Winds. It's Premium Villa, Indoor and Outdoor Games area, Live cattle and Poultry Farms Gently Awaken you in a different world of Co-Existence with nature. The music of tinkling bells in the necklace worn by the cows and goats, Breath of fresh Wayandan mountain air and Weaverbird watching you out of its Magnificent nest- Provide a real experience and ambience of a luxury nature farm stay as you have never Experienced.Agronest Farm is a veritable green garden with 1500 different species of trees and plants species. Gardens are laid out in fascinating formats. Farm walk has taken you through the world of bamboos, coconut trees, Avocado Plants, Abiu Plants, Mango Trees, Nutmeg Trees coffee and tea plants.Agronest Farm is a mirror of Farm stay life. You have a choice of Farm activities to make it a memorable Stay experience like self-cooking of foods, participate in agricultural, gardening and dairy activities and other farm activities.Throughout your stay, we serve you delightful Non-Vegetarian and vegetarian cuisine from all over India. We include our farm-fresh vegetables and other Farm products that produce a treat of fresh flavour and uniquely different taste – a culinary experience you would like to savour for a long time.Your communion with nature will germinate new ideas and thoughts. Some family games will be available in the farm activities format.


House Rules
Pets Allowed: Yes       Smoking Allowed: Yes        Kid Friendly: Yes

No Heavy Music allowed In Farm

2 Attached (ensuite)

1 Super King, 2 Kings

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